📖 Your Ripple Glossary


The A-Z (in non-alphabetical order) of Ripple lore! You’ll see these terms pop up quite a bit around here, so we’ve got a quick rundown to set you up for success: 

  • Rippler

The epic community of crew you’ve just joined. We back each other in and support one another to create impact through our careers, communities and the civic system.

  • The Bureau

A bespoke program that gives you the opportunity to take part in high level decision-making processes alongside other Ripplers – aka build your table and eat at it too. Past Bureau programs have ranged from co-designing policy on disadvantage with leading philanthropic organisations, to advising on after-dark culture in the city to local government leaders. 

  • Power Ups

Our monthly Ripple online get-together! This is a time to get to know and learn from other Ripplers, explore our career dilemmas and have a good time.

  • Seamless technical experience

Something you won’t always get at Ripple, but you’ll get A-class banter to make up for it

  • Civics

The rights and actions of citizens. You’ll hear us talk alotttt about active citizenship, community connections, and localisation. We’re here to give democracy a workout, so put on your runners!

  • Purpose-driven

Maybe why you landed here in the first place! This is an opportunity or career path that has a net positive impact on the world. Our biggest driver at Ripple is to get you doing just that, alongside an epic community to back you in.

  • Opportunity

There are so many ways to create impact that aren’t just limited to work, which is why we have an opportunities platform, not a jobs board! Also known as opps – these are the ways you can make change… and game change.

  • Zigzag career

The ‘ladder’ is out, and the zigzag is in. Zigzagging (and sometimes… flip flopping) between roles or industries and building a portfolio of experience and impact as you go is where the future of work is headed. We are a safe haven for zigzaggers, so welcome!

  • Multipotentialite

A person who has many interests and creative pursuits. You might see yourself as a multipotentialite if you’ve never really wanted to do just one ‘thing’, despite pressure from others to specialise. Learn more about the world of multipods here 🙂

  • Hope Scrolling

What you do on the Ripple site and with our goodie bag emails. We want this experience to be the antidote to doom-scrolling through traditional job sites. Stay tuned for more platform updates!

  • Quarter Life Crisis

Welcome, friends! This is when you’re fast approaching your 20/30s and joining the confusion club (Ripple’s unofficial other name).

  • Impact Areas

The causes and interests you’re most keen to contribute to in your working or community life. ‘Industries’ and predictable job titles are a thing of the past so here at Ripple, we group by impact – eg: human rights, equality, innovation and environment & sustainability (to name a few!).

  • Future Skills

In-demand skillsets for the future of work that include traits like critical thinking, creativity, reasoning, ideation and active learning. See more here.

  • Early Career / Breaking Through 

Broadly we define this as having 0-3 years of experience in your desired field, including unpaid and other volunteer work.

  • Mid Career / Levelling Up

We generally classify this as 3-5 years of paid experience across one or more jobs.

  • Levelling Up

Opportunities where you’ve had 5+ years in an industry and you’re looking to develop your capacity or move your career in the direction of strategy, leadership or mentoring others. 

  • Pivoting

Pivoters are crew that have started in one ‘industry’ but feel it’s time for a change, usually to purpose-driven causes or to another organisation structure. Eg: moving from NGOs to startups or vice versa! This can be a quick change or a gradual one – more on the Slow Pivot with Dr Norman Swan here.

  • Aspirational Resume

The ‘dream’ roles you don’t have but you collect cos they ignite your fire and you can see your future self in them. Noting down the requirements for these roles can be really helpful in identifying any gaps, and work on building the skills you need in the interim.

  • Values

The core and fundamental beliefs that guide you through life. Some examples could be authenticity, loyalty, service, joy or respect… and there’s plenty more here. 

  • Passions

Activities or causes you feel strongly about. Although different from values, they often inform the way you live out your values.

  • Strengths

The core traits you bring to life and others that make you the legend you are aka your special sauce! Some examples include curiosity, gratitude, humour, and leadership. Identifying these helps you cut out the noise to find aligned, meaningful work.

  • Non-Negotiables

The elements you need to live a good life, no matter what you do for work. These link with your core values and you can set them here.

  • Purpose Statement

A super helpful way for you to articulate where you’re at and what you’re keen to contribute to. It combines your values + strengths + non-negotiables and helps you sharpen your opportunity search. 

  • Comparison fatigue

The feeling that everyone else is getting their life sorted and you’re just not there yet. Also known as those times when you scroll LinkedIn for a little too long and get into that ‘grass is greener’ mindset.

  • Decision overwhelm

The FOMO you feel when it’s hard to get clarity on where you should go next because there are so many paths and you’re not sure if there is even a ‘right’ one. Also known as choice paralysis – sleep paralysis’ terrible cousin.

  • Imposter syndrome

Not our friend, but occasionally pops up their head inconveniently. This is the feeling you get when you feel vastly under qualified to speak about/do a thing but as we say… done is better than perfect! Dr Susan Carland’s advice on imposter syndrome was game-changing for us – which is to outsource your self esteem to the person asking you to do whatever it is that is out of your comfort zone. In this way, THEY are the best person to decide what you are capable of instead of yourself. 

  • Share Circle

The place where we share our wins and worries. Career dilemma? Pop it here. Just landed something cool and you’ve been waiting for eons to share it? Tell us!

  • Formula 1

🏎️ A hotly debated topic in the Ripple community (sport… or not sport?)

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