You spend 1/3 of your life at work.

Whether you're breaking through or levelling up, join thousands of young people making it count with Ripple.

Oh hey, welcome to Ripple

Let’s fast track your path to an impact career

Oh hey, welcome to Ripple

Let’s fast track your path to an impact career

You spend 1/3 of your life at work.

Whether you're breaking through or levelling up, join thousands of young people making it count with Ripple.

Our worlds biggest challenges cannot wait

Here's how we fast-track your path to an impact career


Stop fretting and start filling your backpack with everything you need to chart your own path. We’ll arm you with opportunities that expand your horizons, practical tools and tips – your guide posts for the adventure, and wisdom from courageous guides that have lead before (whom you’ll find, aren’t so different to you).


Learn how small drops in the ocean can become waves of change when you influence systems. From your peers through to the Prime Minister or a whole sector – when you get involved in our bespoke programs delivered with select civic and corporate partners you’ll build real experience shifting the needle. 


We’re the vase, you’re the flowers and far out you’re an awesome bunch. Learn how to amplify your impact when you become part of Australia’s most extraordinary community of young adults, working together to tackle our world’s biggest challenges. You’ll shape a future we can only imagine right now.

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We’re the only platform that curates all of the purpose-driven opportunities you need to build experience and momentum so you can stop doom-scrolling and start hope-scrolling.

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The Goodie Bag: like a free sample pack of your fav skincare or delicious beverages but for your impact career. It includes a taste tester of the best jobs, internships, grants, global programs + more, plus stories from people (just like you!). Curated with love each fortnight and you can opt out at any time.

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What's Your Secret Sauce for Impact?

Discover your secret sauce for thriving in your work and delivering the most value to the causes you care about. 

Very good antidote for: overwhelm, haze, spray + pray application approaches, doom-scrolling, general wondering if it’s time to try something different

Less good antidote for: improving fitness and gaining abs

Includes: tailored tips on what type of opportunities to look out for plus real life opportunities to commence hope scroll

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What's Your

Secret Sauce for Impact?

Take the quiz to discover your secret sauce for thriving in your work and delivering the most value to the causes you care about. Ditch the overwhelm and feel the relief of knowing where to focus your unique spark (including what type of opportunities to look out for) while contributing to something bigger.

Your Ripple Room of Requiremental-Resources

Your go-to power pack of resources for career and impact adventures

We believe you can shape the future, we believe that we will go further when we go together, and we believe in the fierce urgency of now. 

That’s why we surround you with people that have adventured before as well as live and on-demand events, guides and freebies. 

Absorb the goodness. And always remember to ask the important questions (like, is Bridget Jones a respectable leader to look up to?  and is F1 a sport?)

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Psssst. The future is sketched in pencil

Use these freebies and resources to design your own road map.

(We'll pop in along the way to point you towards the short cuts!)

Opportunity Seeking

Emergency Application Kit

 Welcome to the CV Anti-Abyss Zone  If you’ve spotted that amazing opportunity, sat down to apply and then started feeling something like this: But how

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Who's behind Ripple?

A chance meeting outside a sumo salad started a Ripple...

Ripple co-founders Skye and Tim met outside a Sumo Salad on their way to a convening of Obama Foundation Leaders from the Asia Pacific. 

It didn’t take long for them to realise that their worldviews overlapped, their skills were complementary, and that working together would amplify their impact. 

What started as a conversation in the foyer of the convening is now Ripple — an organisation equipping purpose-driven young people from every corner of Australia to contribute to positive change through tailored civic experiences as well as career and community opportunities.

Our Ripple continues to grow thanks to the incredible support from these partners:

Ripplers in the Wild

Our Ripplers are podcasters and beat boxers, community advocates, aerospace engineers and social enterprise founders, and they’re invaluable team members of organisations whose work they bring to life. 

They’re passionate about international diplomacy, gender equality and human rights, and they’re working in regenerative agriculture, law, finance, fashion, tech and communications.

Ripplers are values-lead, have an orientation towards action and they’re creating change within their workplaces, communities and democratic systems.

Come meet some of our crew

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A taste of what our members feel

Let's fund your wild idea discover your ideal job source your volunteer team create your business grow your confidence build your experience explore your dreams find your people secure your fellowship accelerate your work for impact


(and our answers)

Like a caterpillar, our Opps Board is eating all the snacks and has retreated into a cocoon. We will let you know when it emerges as a big, beautiful butterfly, ready to flap it’s wings again.

Yes! We are still sharing opportunities every fortnight via our newsletter. Send us an email to to enquire about sharing an opportunity via Ripple. 

Ripple exists to amplify the incredible eco-system of opportunities, networks and initiatives for impact in Australia. We do this in a myriad of ways, including partnering with local government and other key civic and corporate partners to engage young people meaningfully in decision making processes. If you have an excellent idea for supporting our next generations to shape the future, we’d love to explore the potential of collaborating to make it happen. Get in touch at

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Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

Wondering if your a paradigm shifter? Head to your inbox to find out + get your extensive list of opportunity areas, advice and more.