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I got so down on myself I stopped going for jobs. Career anxiety. Comparison anxiety. Climate anxiety. These are all the things that impacted how I felt and all the things that Ripple addresses.

Julia, Fit as a Farmer

Past Program Impact Guides

Our members, carving their own path


Orlando is an OG Rippler and Emerging Civic Leader grad. Alongside his work as a Sustainability Manager at a global acquculture firm tackling climate change, he also cofounded a social enterprise. He has secured a bunch of opps including a Social Change Fellowship to help him level up.


Pragya is passionate about women's safety and while completing our Career Lab, secured an internship at the Global Institute for Women's Leadership. She's now working in policy, continues her advocacy and you'll find her at a bunch of Ripple events.


Antony was working in a job he enjoyed but he was dreaming of something bigger. After joining Career Lab he secured a breakthrough journalism internship that led to a cadetship and he's now an Urban Affairs reporter, including covering local and state elections.


Abby got involved with Ripple via 'Tech for Social Good', an initiative she cofounded with uni mates. From there, she talked tech with Tesla Chairperson Robyn Denholm at our Civics Launchpad, and secured grant funding she learned about via a Power Up sesh.

Quiz: What type of opportunities should you focus on?

Truth: Not all opportunities are a fit for everyone, and not all help is impactful.

After supporting thousands of individuals across dozens of sectors to find their match for socially and environmentally impactful opportunities, we’ve seen how a ‘spray and pray’ approach can undermine your momentum and potential for impact.

If you want to focus your time, growth and create real impact, take this short quiz to discover what type of opportunities suit your impact style (AKA your impact secret sauce). Plus, we’ll share some very scientific, tastey hints on where your secret sauce for impact lies. Nom nom.

Guide: 50+ scholarships and funding opportunities for young people in Aus.

Changing the trajectory of our future will take many types of interventions. We all have a unique secret sauce that can push this mission forward (or get wasted on the wrong fit). We see hundreds of new opportunities each week across dozens of sectors so we’ve designed this handy quiz to help guide you towards what type of opportunities you should be looking out for, and give you some very scientific, crafty hints on where your secret sauce for impact lies. Nom nom.

Imagine a generation unified in embodying purpose-driven leadership, permeating every facet of our workforce, communities, and civic systems. Together, we could completely shift the trajectory of our future.

Skye, co-founder

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"I wouldn't be where I am now without Ripple. Your investment in me since the beginning will never go unnoticed - you've been instrumental".

Jahin was trying to find his first job when he won a Ripple mentoring sesh. He landed the role in health policy but didn't stop there; getting involved in our Launchpad, leveraging this into public speaking inc. TedX + more. He now inspires thousands through his role as CEO of the Australian School for Entrepreneurs. And he's partnered with the F1, so #Ripplegoals.


"From a place of gratitude and deep, deep thanks - I have never felt more supported, inspired and uplifted in my career. The humour and humility of the team make what should be a terrifying experience personable and easy".

After being a long-time newsletter scroller, Iremide attended a Power Up and used this to help shape her application for the Plan Australia Youth Activist Series, which she was successful in. She's a founding team member of United Africa Farm, and after completing our Career Lab program she landed a role at Future Women.


"Thank you! Keep up the great, important work that you do, and empowering young people like myself to pursue our passions and goals"

Nic has actively combined his passions for creativity, community and sustainability through volunteering. After our Civics Launchpad, he provided strategic advice to the City of Adelaide on their parklands strategy and later in the year celebrated a win at the Nature Festival SA for 'Best Short Film'. Now he's completing the Startmate Climate Fellowship, which he discovered through Ripple, to level up his influence.


"Getting involved in a Ripple program was career defining for me. It was a choice I'll no doubt look back on for years to come and say "That was it - that was the moment my choices dove-tailed into a meaningful path forward for me."

Clare completed our Emerging Civic Leaders program while she was also working at Deadly Science. She landed a role as Scientist in Residence at Blackbird Ventures and is an incredible advocate for impact in tech.

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Post-pandemic research shows great people are critical for our companies, community organisations and democratic systems to thrive in the face of uncertainty (Mckinsey). 

Our Ripple community is made up of thousands of diverse, self-motivated, values-driven individuals that are harnessing their unique strengths and experiences for more than just themselves; they’re driven to shape a better future for all.

So, we make it easy to hire, engage and involve young people to help bring diverse and future-proofed perspectives to your work.

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We believe that if young people are empowered to harness their agency in our workforce, communities and civic systems, then they can shape the future. 

We’re a social enterprise created to help our next generations by fast-tracking them into future focussed careers and community opportunities, fostering values-led leadership, building influencing capacity and embedding them in a community of support so they can reach their potential over time. 

For our next generations:
We’re not here to teach you how to climb ladders. We’re here to help you sail the open oceans. 


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The only place to find curated, purpose-aligned, port-folio building opportunities for 18 – 30 yr olds.

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If you’re keen to stay in the loop with what’s happening at Ripple but you’re not *technically* young and are here in a professional, supportive sense, then this is for you! If you’re a young person head here to join our talent pool. 
*we know you’re young at heart and we love you for it!

Paradigm Shifters

Paradigm shifters purpose-driven path is all about tackling our world’s biggest challenges by making patterns from the madness. They have an uncanny ability to zoom out and see the bigger picture where others cannot. It also might mean that you’re great at puzzles 😹🧩

(sneak peak) opportunity areas for paradigm shifters: 

  • Change Consulting 
  • Policy 
  • Analysis

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